The Website Building Process

Building a wall
Picture by MR926

When you ask your web developer to build you a website, you may wonder what they actually do?

This little post at the very end of the year details the steps we go through at Swan Developments when we start to create a sparkly new website.

You can undertake some of this work yourself, which saves us time and you money.

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Plugins… plugins…

Electric car charging pointIf you talk to a WordPress developer for even a short length of time, you are very likely to hear the word “Plugin”. Many people upon hearing such words just dismiss them as Geekish and don’t worry that they don’t know what on earth their shiny-eyed friend is talking about. However, if you have read this far then the chances are that you actually want to know what they are all about.

Despite the image to the left, they are nothing at all to do with plugs. The 30 second summary is that they are a way to extend the capabilities of WordPress without resorting to writing complex computer code yourself.

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What does “Responsive” mean?

Any time you talk to a web developer you are likely to hear some new buzz-word or piece of techno-speak that leaves you wondering what they actually meant, and not knowing if what they talked about really matters to your business. In the first of a short series of articles I will demystify some of the terms web developers use. The first is “Responsive”

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