About Us

Our Story

Working with networks and Internet connected systems since the 1980s, we have experience which is seldom matched.

Using the latest technology and up-to-the-minute working practices, we are able to bring your website to life quickly and efficiently.

Why we are different

We have run several businesses and are the founders of a successful charity (The Word Forest Organisation) so we know from first hand experience what matters.

We place a strong emphasis on working closely with you and taking responsibility for our joint impact on the environment. We have a range of standard procedures in place to actively reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Super Efficient

Your time is precious, we won't waste it or our own.

Deeply Commited

Giving you a top class service really matters to us.

Highly Skilled

Whatever your requirements, we can deliver the website you need.

Simon West

Simon West

Web Developer

Tracey West

Tracey West

Copywriter & Designer

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