My Favourite Game

Time was when a normal screen was 25 rows of green text on a black background, and the text characters were grainy representations of the real thing – which was of course written with a pen.

Today a screen is anything from a cheap smartphone with an 8.5cm, 480 x 320 pixel display right up to a gigantic 215cm UtraHD television with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (that’s 54 times as many pixels!)

Of course, a website needs to work on each of those screens and everything in between. Thankfully technology today allows us to deliver one website which displays differently depending upon what screen size is detected. This is called a responsive website, because it responds to the device upon which it is being viewed.

Increasingly people are using smartphones to do all of their online activity, and seeing someone sitting anywhere other than in their own home with a laptop is becoming a rarity. When we create a website, our favourite game is checking it out on a variety of devices, from cheap phones to tablets and HD televisions, so we start with making sure that it works on small screens. Phones also add functionality that isn’t as readily available on an old-fashioned computer, such as accurate location detection and calling telephone numbers directly from the website pages.

If your website doesn’t look good on your phone and your friend’s phone, and those of the people you want to do business with, then they may well look elsewhere. Get in touch now and we will give you an unbiased appraisal of your website and a very competitive quote to make it sing and dance with all possible screen partners.

Live long and prosper…
The Team

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