A Lesson in Anatomy

“What’s in a word?” they say.

If it’s a word that will be seen by your readers, then my answer is “A very great deal”.

When you decide to write something for your website, whether you call it a blog post, a news article or anything else, every word matters and for that matter so does every image.

Each article that carries your name should be written with the same editorial voice, that is, it should sound as if it was written by the same person as the previous article, the one before that and so on.

It should also have a very similar anatomy. In other words, if you put an image in your article you should try to use one of similar dimensions and character to the ones you have used before.

This gives your articles a feeling of consistency. Think of your favourite magazine and your favourite column within it. It’s a safe bet that in each edition the layout and appearance of the column is the same.

As readers, we like this, familiarity removes a need to work out which parts of the article matter.

When you have written your piece, check it. No, properly!

Read every word again and if doing it out loud helps you find that errant missed capital or mis-spelled word, then READ IT OUT LOUD!

Better still, get someone else to do it before you hit the shiny button and publish and accept they may not just say, “That’s nice dear”.

Your readers will thank you for the effort you put in, because your content is why they are visiting your website in the first place, so make it the best it can be.

Consistently yours

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